Kerala government has now announced the easing of travel restrictions which were the norm till now.

The state has announced that the tourism sector will get some relaxation, which includes hotels and restaurants in the state. This gives much needed relief to the people like hoteliers, restaurant owners, their employees and other individuals engaged in tourism sector.

The state government has divided the local self-government areas into four categories. This has been done on the basis of covid-19 test positivity rate and on the basis of this new guidelines have been made.

The relaxation has been given in areas where the state had identified the average positivity rate to be less than 5 percent Category A, and in local self-government areas Category B where the positivity rate is less than 10 percent.

However it is important to note here that the state has now recorded a fresh spike in coronavirus cases, the highest in 26 days. So anyone travelling to the state with the misunderstanding that all is well, should be careful.

Tourism sector in Kerala is that the government has decided to do away with the mandatory quarantine for visitors who wish to stay for more than a week.


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