Germany and Maldives are set to reopen their borders to Indian passengers. Germany has also lifted its travel ban on five countries worst affected by the Delta strain of novel coronavirus.

These five countries are India, Britain, Russia, Nepal and Portugal. Both Germany and Maldives have also allowed non-essential travel from India.

Similarly, Maldives will resume flights from India and other South Asian countries from July 15. GoFirst and IndiGo have already announced their flight schedules between the two countries.

Canada is also expected to ease travel restrictions for vaccinated travelers from India; Currently Canada has approved vaccines by Pfizer-BioNtech, Moderna, Astra Zeneca/Covishield and Johnson & Johnson.

There will be restrictions for people who have not been fully vaccinated or vaccinated with an unapproved vaccine. The Government of Canada has made several rules for travellers coming from India.


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