Emirates announced on Wednesday that it has suspended all flights to and from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka until August 7, 2021.

All passengers connected through India, Pakistan, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka in the last 14 days will not be accepted to travel to United Arab Emirates from any other point.

The announcement comes after the General Civil Aviation Authority of the United Arab Emirates (GCAA) issued a directive asking airlines to suspend all flights from the above-mentioned countries.

They are allowed to Travel UAE

1. United Arab Emirates citizens and their first-class relatives.
2. Diplomatic personnel, including administrative staff, between the United Arab Emirates and applicable countries.
3. Official delegation, subject to obtaining prior approval.
4. UAE residents who hold gold or silver residency permits.
5. Personnel sponsored by Expo 2020 International Participants, Expo 2020 Exhibitors and Expo 2020 Organizer.
6. Crew of cargo flights and transit flights of foreign companies.
7. Businessmen and businessmen, provided they have approval from the General Authority for the Security of Ports, Borders and Free Zones; and the heads of the higher committees of the respective emirate's emergency, crisis and disaster management teams.
8. Employees related to critical tasks in accordance with the classification of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship.


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