The situation of Coronavirus in the country is somewhat stable, many foreign countries have opened their borders for travellers coming from India. 

Interestingly, as a good news for international travellers and students, many countries are now allowing entry to Indian travellers on tourist visas. However, passengers need to submit negative RT-PCR test report, follow the coronavirus safety protocols and guidelines while travelling and entering in that particular country.

5 Countries where unvaccinated Indians can now fly with a Negative RT-PCR Report


Russia has now opened its borders to Indians; However, travellers will have to follow several COVID-related guidelines and must have Negative RT-PCR report to enter the nation.

Entry rules for Russia; 

1. You need to get an invitation from a government mandated tourism agency.
2. You will need to apply for a tourist visa that is valid for 30 days for single entry or double entry.
3. In addition, passengers are required to submit a negative RT-PCR test report on arrival. The test must be done within 72 hours of arrival.
3. You will also be required to undergo an on-spot COVID test upon arrival. Those who test positive will be shifted to a COVID testing facility.


As you all know that Maldives has opened its borders for travellers from South Asian countries including India from July 15, 2021. Travellers are required to carry a negative COVID-19 PCR test report before entering the island nation. Time to fly to the beaches and clear blue waters.


Passengers coming from India need to note that they will have to undergo mandatory institutional quarantine of 14 days upon arrival. After the quarantine period, the passengers will have to undergo a RT-PCR test. 

If the test comes out as negative, they will be allowed to leave the quarantine facility. FYI, for Turkey, the cost of flight tickets is now more expensive than usual.


Travellers arriving in Egypt from countries where cases of the delta variant of coronavirus have been reported, including India, will have to undergo a rapid test upon arrival. Despite valid vaccination certificates and RT-PCR negative test reports that they carry, travellers have to undergo a 15-minute DNA test called ID Now to enter the country.

If tested positive, another RT-PCR test will be conducted by the airport quarantine authorities. If the RT-PCR report is also positive, the passengers are sent to a designated hospital for further testing. Then, passengers and transit passengers traveling to Egypt will be allowed entry only if the test report is negative.


Please note that passengers travelling from India to Serbia will be required to carry a negative COVID-19 report on arrival. Importantly, the test must be taken 48 hours before departure time. Now only limited flights are operating from India to Serbia. go, satisfy your misguided

The RT-PCR test should be taken 48 hours before the departure time.


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