China is now facing the biggest coronavirus outbreak since the coronavirus first emerged in late 2019. Reportedly, the delta version of the virus has been spreading in places that were free of the virus for months, including the original virus epicenter of Wuhan.

Wuhan, Nanjing, Beijing and Zhangjiajie have tightened travel restrictions, while residents has been barred from leaving the city as the Coronavrus delta version breaks through its strict defenses and lasts only two weeks reaches almost half of China's 32 provinces.

The Delta version has broken through the country's virus defenses, which are some of the world's strictest, and has reached nearly half of China's 32 provinces in just two weeks.

For now the number of cases is over 300, and is still low compared to the coronavirus resurgence elsewhere, the way it is spreading indicates that this type is spreading very quickly.

This situation will likely be a challenge to China's strategy to deal with the virus as it was first detected in Wuhan. In terms of strict measures, the country's mass testing as soon as a case was reported, targeted lockdown, aggressive contact tracing, strict quarantine, which reportedly crushed over 30 previous flare-ups in the past year.

Now with the arrival of the rapidly spreading delta variant, China's strict steps are also being tested. It is likely that since many parts of the country have been covid-free for months, the new strain may have taken advantage of the no-masking policy and reduced social distancing in some places.

The rising number of cases in China is the biggest outbreak since the outbreak in northern China's Hebei province in January, when nearly 2,000 people were infected.


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