As after the low down n cases of coronavirus, Sri Lanka has resumed passengers travelling on tourist visa from India.

Changes have been made to the approval process and quarantine measures for travellers traveling on tourist visas.

Who are allowed to Travel as Tourists

1. Only fully vaccinated passengers can travel under this category.

2. Travellers arriving in Sri Lanka on a tourist visa will have to obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization through following the protocol described at HelloGain (

RT-PCR Requirement

A negative RT PCR test done within 72 hours of travel is mandatory for passengers above the age of 02 years.

All passengers above the age of two years will have to undergo PCR test on the first day of arrival. However, if the first day PCR test of the accompanying adult is positive, then the remission children will also be PCR tested.

Quarantine Ruling for Fully Vaccinated Tourists

All class travellers who have received the recommended dose of COVID 19 vaccination and have arrived in Sri Lanka after 14 days of vaccination will be considered fully vaccinated. All travellers coming from non-restricted countries do not require quarantine if their first day PCR test is negative.

Non-vaccinated children below 18 years of age may be discharged with fully vaccinated passengers if they are PCR negative on arrival (2 years to 18 years). Children below 2 years of age will be subjected to RT-PCR test only if the accompanying adult is tested positive on the first day of RT-PCR test.

Travellers who have received the recommended doses of vaccines must carry their original vaccination certificate in English language. If the document is not in the English language, a certified copy of the English language translation is required.

Travel Agents Guidelines For Bookings

1. ETA (Visa) number for tourists. (Please visit to pay for your COVID19 insurance and PCR tests. Also, to obtain your unique tourism reference number required to apply for a visa).
2. Pay at USD 12 for mandatory COVID-19 local travel insurance cover for a policy of USD 50,000 for a term of one month (including children under 2 years of age).
3. Pay for an on-arrival PCR test (USD 40 per PCR test).
4. Pre-paid bookings at L1 Safe & Secure hotels for the first two days and pre-paid bookings in 3 Star and above category hotels for the rest of the stay.
5. A confirmed return ticket for ETA VISA holders.
6. A valid 'PCR negative' report.
7. Mandatory updating of 'Visa Type' and 'Visa Number'; in SSR area.
8. Please update in the SSR field if the passenger is a Sri Lankan citizen - 'Sri Lankan National' or if a dual national traveling with a Sri Lankan passport - 'Sri Lankan PPT holder'.


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