Airport Authority stated that an Air India Express flight from India to Saudi Arabia had to make an emergency landing at the Thiruvananthapuram International Airport on Saturday as a crack in the plane's glass was detected.

Less than an hour after taking off from here at around 7.52 am, the pilots noticed a crack in the windshield of the airplane, forcing them to return to Thiruvananthapuram for an emergency landing at around 8.50 am.

The plane had no passengers due to the covid-19 restrictions on international travel to some destinations, and was only carrying cargo and a crew of eight.

Thiruvananthapuram airport director CV Raveendran said all the crew, including the pilot, were safe.

He added that pre-flight test detected a crack, the aircraft would not have taken off and, therefore, it must have occurred during take-off or during cruise.

He said the flight was scheduled to return from Daman in Saudi Arabia with Indian passengers under the Vande Bharat Mission.


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