Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, struggles under a record surge of coronavirus cases. Govt imposed tighter restrictions in eight local council areas where most new infections were being reported and enlisted the help of the military to enforce coronavirus lockdown rules.

Sydney began its harshest lockdown of millions since the pandemic began on Friday as Coronavirus cases hit record lows in Australia's largest city, with state and national leaders calling for the country's reopening plans.

More than 2 million affected residents must live within 5 km of their homes and wear masks when they step outside, in the meantime police have been given extensive measures to shut down businesses that violate the rules.

These strict restrictions do not apply to other Sydney suburbs where residents can travel outside their suburbs for essential work, education, grocery and medical reasons.

New South Wales saw its biggest single-day increase in new infections on Thursday with 239 cases. Officials have warned that the situation "will get worse before it gets better."

As Sydney enters its sixth week of an extended lockdown due to run until August 28, the country's national cabinet - a group of national and state leaders will meet later in the day to discuss the country's exit strategies from the pandemic .


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