China's Hunan province has introduced the world's highest bungee jump, which will let you swing between two rocks from a 430m glass-bottomed suspension bridge. Adventure seekers can take this leap of faith from a height of 260 meters to the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge.

Apart from offering adventure, the bungee jump also offers panoramic views of the surrounding Wulingyuan Forest, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The area was already quite popular among international tourists for its quartzite sandstone pillars.

This place is now gaining popularity among adventure tourists as well. The peaks here are covered in clouds, and the valleys here will take you to a magical world.

The game's operator, Johnny Deecker, said the business was growing slowly after the arrival of domestic tourists. He said, "We are probably averaging twenty jumps a day at the moment, which is pretty good for a jump this size."

The operator also stated that he is sure that people will come to the area during the July-August holiday season. The cost of the game has come down by 40 percent.

The pedestrian bridge here has been designed by a famous Israeli architect Haim Dotan. The bridge was inaugurated in August 2016 and was once the longest glass-bottomed suspension bridge in the world.


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