Helicopter taxi service will soon start in Uttar Pradesh, which will connect major destinations across the state. It was recently announced by the Uttar Pradesh Tourism Department.

According to the tourism department, since people want to avoid congested flights and trains in view of the coronavirus pandemic, this service may prove to be a 'fast and great' option, and may find many buyers in Uttar Pradesh.

Giving more information about this, the officials said that with the completion of the heliport in Agra, the process of preparing the heliport at tourist places has also started. Reportedly, the project will be built on the private-public partnership (PPP) model, and a consultant will be appointed for it soon.

Elaborating on this, Principal Secretary, Tourism and Culture, Mukesh Kumar Meshram said that there are many people who can afford such expensive helicopters, further adding that the helicopter taxi service will meet the needs of such tourists. .

He said that though most tourists, especially foreigners, come to Agra to see the Taj Mahal as the route has good connectivity, the same tourists leave other equally important tourist destinations due to poor connectivity. As such, the service will provide tourists with the option of visiting offbeat tourist destinations as well.

Meshram further said that this service will ensure that tourists can reach such offbeat destinations and return in a day.

Besides a heliport near the Agra airport, Meshram said the government already has an airport in Prayagraj, Vindhyachal, Varanasi and Lucknow.


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