Soon Emirates going to implement the International Air Transport Association's IATA Travel Pass solution on six continents as it rolls out this digital health pass for customers across all of its destinations.

After successful trials in April on select routes from its Dubai hub, Emirates gradually expanded the IATA Travel Pass pilot to customers on 12 routes in June, and the airline has now partnered with IATA to implement the solution across its global network. signed a contract with.

Currently available to Emirates customers traveling through 50 cities, the roll-out in all 120+ Emirates destinations is expected to be complete by October.

Main Points of the IATA Travel Pass

1. Repository of Latest Travel Requirements: This enables travelers to access accurate information about travel, testing and vaccine requirements for their journey.

2. Registry of Test Centres: This enables passengers to access certified COVID-19 testing centers at their place of departure that meet the requirements of their destination.

3. Digital Documentation: The app allows travelers to manage their travel documents digitally. From receiving test results and vaccination certificates directly from authorized laboratories and testing centers, to easily and securely sharing these documents with authorities and airlines to facilitate travel.

Travelers today can access over 1,500 COVID-19 testing laboratories through the IATA Travel Pass app, and the number continues to grow. EU and UK citizens can register their vaccine certificates on the app, and work is underway to enable a wide range of verified digital travel documents to be linked or uploaded to the app.

Passengers can download the app and register themselves by creating their digital name using their passport. Detailed video and information on all features can be found at


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