Turkey on Saturday announced that all passengers travelling from India to Turkey or arriving in India within the last 14 days will have to submit a negative RT-PCR test taken not more than 72 hours from arrival.

The passengers who will not be able to produce the certificate will be quarantined at their residence or declared address.

Turkey's New Quarantine Rules For Indian Travellers

1. All passengers must submit a negative PCR test 72 hours prior to arrival.

2. Travellers who certify that they have had at least two doses of vaccines approved for emergency use by the World Health Organization or Turkey, provided that at least 14 days have elapsed since the last dose Yes, they will be exempted. from compulsory quarantine.

3. Passengers who cannot provide the above certificates will be quarantined at their residence or the address declared by them. His PCR test will be done on the 10th day of quarantine.
     A. If the result of the PCR test is negative, the quarantine will be terminated.
     B. If the PCR test result is positive, then the treatment will be done as per the       covid-19 guidelines of the Ministry of Health.
     C. For those who will not have a PCR test on the 10th day, the quarantine             period will be extended to 14 days.

4. The above requirements do not apply to transit passengers.

5. There will be no PCR requirement and quarantine for the crew.

6. Passengers below 12 years of age will be exempted from PCR test and vaccination certificate applications on entry.


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