Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, has now confirmed that the country will not reopen to international tourists until next year. Currently the focus is on the return of skilled migrants and students who have the valid entry visa for Australia.

The country should reach its vaccination benchmark on Tuesday. After this the country will start reopening.

Australian prime minister has already outlined plans that would allow vaccinated citizens and permanent residents to travel abroad from November. This will be the first time that citizens will be allowed to go abroad after March last year.

The prime minister has said that after Australians, the government will give priority to skilled migrants and international students who are hoping to enter the country. Only then will international tourists come.

Immigration to Australia is still at its lowest since World War II, all because of the pandemic and the lockdowns and restrictions on a global scale. Universities in Australia are heavily dependent on foreign students, and the pandemic has hit them hard

Lastly Prime Minister added in his statement, "The next priorities are skilled migrants that are very important for the country and who are double vaccinated, as well as students who are coming and returning to Australia for their studies."


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