There is a news coming from China that cases of novel coronavirus have increased again, and the Chinese government also imposed a lockdown in some places at China and cancelled many inbound flights.

India reported 15,786 coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours taking the total number of cases in India to 3,41,43,236.

South India is the biggest center of Coronavirus cases in India and around 11,000 cases are being reported in South India i.e. Kerala.

As after seeing these figures the Indian government is also in the mood to lock down again in India to maintain the ongoing situation in India. 

Last year coronavirus hits India badly because India is the new epicenter of the global pandemic, recording some 400,000 new cases per day by May 2021. However grim, this statistic fails to capture the sheer horror unfolding there. Coronavirus patients are dying in hospitals because doctors have no oxygen to give and no lifesaving drugs like remdesivir. The sick are turned away from clinics that have no free beds.

In January 2021, Modi declared at a global forum that India had “saved humanity … by containing corona effectively” In March, his health minister proclaimed that the pandemic was reaching an “endgame.” COVID-19 was actually gaining strength in India and worldwide – but his government made no preparations for possible contingencies, such as the emergence of a deadlier and more contagious COVID-19 variant.

As after seeing these mistakes the officials told a some famous news agencies that India may "lockdown" to avoid the spread of coronavirus in the country but as of now there is no official confirmation about the lockdown.


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