Here is a news for foreign travellers, Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), visas will not be issued to those entering by land routes.

People traveling from India's neighboring countries and countries that share land borders with India will not be able to enter the country on tourist visas for now. As per the updated guidelines, the visa will be of single-entry type and will have a maximum validity of 30 days for now.

With land routes not being considered for grant of visas, tourists from neighboring countries will have the option of entering the country by air and sea routes. India shares land borders with several countries including China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar.

The latest MHA guidelines also clarified that foreign tourists will now have to apply for a new tourist visa to visit the country, as previously issued visas were not used, or existing visas would remain suspended.

Earlier, the government also announced that it would give free tourist visas to the first five lakh applicants to promote tourism.

Since India is a popular long-distance destination, the latest move may prove to be disappointing for foreign tourists who were planning to visit the country.


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