Gujarat's first aircraft restaurant opened for public. The restaurant is located in the Tarsali bypass of Vadodara city.

This restaurant is the ninth aircraft themed restaurant in the world. In India, this is the fourth restaurant to be developed using scrapped aircraft.

To build this restaurant, an Airbus 320 was purchased from a Bangalore-based company at a cost of Rs 1.40 crore. Each part of the aircraft was brought to Vadodara and remodeled as a restaurant. At present its cost is around Rs 2 crore. It has a capacity of 102 people.

There are food options available, you ask? Well, you will have a plethora of options to choose from. The restaurant offers Punjabi, Chinese, Continental, Italian, Mexican and Thai options.

Visitors will get the feel of being in a real plane at this restaurant. The waiters and servers look like air hostesses and stewardesses. The restaurant will make you feel like you are traveling in a real life plane as there are constant announcements.

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