Many Sikh community people have commented on the issue that Pakistan High Commission in Delhi is rejecting visas of Hindu people who want to see Sikh batch in Pakistan

Harpal Singh Bhullar, who is the President of Bhai Mardana Yaddri Kirtan Darbar Society, has said that a lot of Hindu people who wanted to see the Sikh batch in Pakistan are disappointed as their visas have been revoked.

Recently, the visas of 16 Hindus who wanted to go to Pakistan to celebrate the anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev have been revoked.

The information has revealed that 3250 people had applied visas for Pakistan for the celebration of Guru Nanak Jayanti in which 2500 have been issued and 1250 visas were cancelled.

History is witness that Pakistan has always tried to create a dispute between Hindus and Sikhs.

On this remark, Pakistan has said that Pakistan has its own criteria to start a visa, which is set in it, its visa starts, which is not set, its visa is cancelled.

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