As the cases of coronavirus are decreasing continuously in India, day by day everything is happening as before, almost all the countries have given permission to Indians to come. So, India is in a mood to resume regular international flights by January 2022.

Recently, the Indian vaccine Covishield has also been passed by Saudi Arabia and many other countries for the visiting Indians, so that the vaccinated Indians can also go to other countries.

India has already been very thankful about its population, due to the lockdown in March 2020, India had defeated Coronavirus to a great extent, even after that the Indian government has been helping the population of India by vaccination and sometimes by other means.

Recently, it has been claimed in the Ministry of External Affairs that it is making all efforts to start India's normal flights so that almost all international flights of India will be opened.

In a recent meeting, External Affairs Minister Dr S Jaishankar said that we are trying our best to open international flights from India.

Apart from this, recently it has been requested by the Government of Dubai in India to do away with the requirement of rapid PCR test from the incoming passengers, so that the 3900 rupees which are being spent at the airport for the going people will be saved.


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