Haj applications have started filling in India from November 1, 2021, while no information has come from Saudi Arabia on this occasion.

Due to high number of cases of coronavirus in India that Indians are not getting entry in almost all the countries, due to which the Indian workers are still in India and are not able to go to their work there.

Today Haj is considered a very important task of the Muslim society in which all the Muslims aspire to go for the pilgrimage of Hajj, but due to the arrival of the coronavirus, the Hajj is closed for the Indian nationals from last 2 years.

Due to the high number of corona virus cases in India, the Saudi Arabian government has placed India in the red list due to which the Muslims of India have not been able to go to Haj for 2 years.

Person filling the form of Haj says that the central government should first take strong news from Saudi Arabia, only after that the application should be started, so the government has started the online process for the application of Haj without any thought.

This time also there is no information about Haj for Indians from Saudi Arabia, yet the Government of India has started taking Haj applications in which every person who wishes to do Haj will have to pay a fee of ₹ 300.

This fee of ₹ 300 is non-refundable, in which even if Hajj is not performed, then it will not be returned. Saudi Arabia has so far kept India in the red list, there is a ban on going to those Indians who work in Saudi Arabia. Why is the government taking this application

Government should discuss this matter and until any concrete information or information comes from Saudi Arabia, then the applications should be stopped.

Note: Travoinfo.com informs you that until there is no proper information from Saudi Arabia, do not apply for Haj 2022.

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