Currently, many international passengers to Dubai are being stopped at the airport because passengers are unable to provide travel insurance with their visas.

As the number of patients' expenses had increased significantly with the advent of the Corona period, keeping this in mind, the government of all countries, and especially the government of Dubai, had ordered that travellers should take insurance with their visas.

Because if after reaching their destination, they face any kind of illness or problem, then they can get their treatment up to $5000 free, which is given with most visas.

4 recently departing passengers were not allowed to board the flight from Delhi airport to Dubai as they did not have travel insurance with their visa, they also created a little ruckus on this but later the security calmed them down.

Recently, the Dubai government had ordered that if a person enters Dubai, then it is necessary to take travel insurance with him, so that if he sees any symptoms or any disease, then the insurance company will give him claim up to $5000.

As Expo 2020 is being held in Dubai, people are coming from all over the world, knowingly unknowingly if someone has symptoms of corona and that disease spreads, then I am insured to cover it, almost all airlines insurance is covered. Must watch because if someone went and was found without insurance, then that airline will have to pay a fine for that.


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