Recently, due to the ongoing Omicron virus, Tamil Nadu has extended its ongoing lockdown till 31 December, 2021. The reason behind extension of the lockdown is the coming festive season and the new year celebration.

Quoting sources, it has come to the news that the lockdown has been imposed in the government because people do not gather at the beach and tourism spots in the celebration of New Year and in the celebration of Christmas, so all the beaches and tourism spots have been closed till 31 December.

All these things were announced by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin in the meeting held on Monday, the special meeting was to stop Omicron virus from spreading in the state.

Along with the announcement of increasing the Lockdown, the Tamil Nadu government has also issued guidelines to follow all coronavirus protocols in its state and also made social distancing and masks mandatory. If anyone violates these guidelines, then he will be punished as per Government rulings.

The government has completely banned all programs and also imposed a complete ban on hotels, restaurants and nightclubs till December 31.

The aim of the Tamil Nadu government is to prevent the spread of the new variant of the corona virus, Omicron virus, only then they have held a meeting recently and have given directions to all the officials to make everyone follow the protocols of corona virus at their respective places. Follow up should be done so that the infection can spread to a minimum and the people of the state can be saved from Omicron virus.


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