After seeing a resurgence in the new variant Omicron of the novel coronavirus, IATA said that it will not possible to resume regular international flights in the coming year, ie; 2022.

Despite this, the IATA said that the recently operated special flights and commercial flights carring essentials would be functional like today. But if Omicron cases did not decrease then we will think about them also.

Third wave of coronavirus is on the way as it sees a surge in omicron cases again globally. 

Almost, every country has made announcements about precautions against the Omicron virus and many of them have completely closed their borders to travelers and many have implemented lockdowns to protect their citizens from the deadly virus.

IATA has arranged a discussion meeting regarding Omicron virus and in this meeting many of their representatives come from different countries and suggested that strict measures be implemented with respect to the ongoing Omicron virus.

After nearly two years of dealing with Coronavirus, we should have moved beyond these knee-jerk, disorganized, Pavlovian-like responses to recognize that the virus is on its way to being endemic. Public health officials tell us that we should expect variants to emerge. And by the time they are detected, the reality is that they probably already exist around the world.

This is what is happening now. We are already finding Omicron in parts of the world away from South Africa, where it was first identified. Travel restrictions are not going to stop the spread. And they will cause real harm to people and economies.


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