In view of the fear of Omicron virus going on around the world, the Government of India has urged its citizens to ban unnecessary travel, social gathering and festival celebrations, so that the recent outbreak of Omicron Virus can be prevented from spreading.

In India too, along with being one after the other, the total number of omicron virus cases has reached 101, it is a matter of great problem for the Government of India because there was a lot of destruction in India in the second wave and due to lack of resources the virus could not stop significantly.

The number of daily cases in India now is below 10000 since  last 20 days, therefore, the Health Ministry has said that the cases of Omicron virus will be stopped only then this figure will remain below 10000.

Yesterday, the Government of India and the Health Ministry have issued guidelines that non-essential travel, mass gathering and celebration of festivals should be reduced.

The Health Ministry has also said that this virus will not be stopped only by vaccine, for that we will have to wear masks, social distancing will have to be made, attention will have to be paid to hygene and cleanliness, only then this virus will be able to stop from spreading.

There are 12 new cases of omicron virus in the country's capital Delhi today, with which the number of cases of omicron virus in India was 7447 and the death toll was 391.


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