A shocking claim has come to the fore regarding the third wave of the epidemic in India amid the threat of a new variant Omicron of Corona worldwide. According to the National Covid-19 Supermodel Panel, Omicron may see the third wave of corona in the country by February.

Panel supreme and IIT Hyderabad professor M Vidyasagar told that the third wave of corona in the country will be at its peak in the month of February. However, it will not be as dangerous as the second wave. New patients in February will also be less than in the second wave.

Professor Vidyasagar said that the new variant of Corona, Omicron, is spreading rapidly in Britain. However, India will not have the same situation as the UK. He gave two reasons behind this. First- Britain has low sero-positivity and high vaccine rates. Whereas in India both of them are more. This is the reason why the third wave will not be very dangerous.

Low sero-positivity means fewer infections than natural infections. Second- Britain has mostly used Mrna based vaccine. They provide short term protection. These vaccines have not been used in India. It improves India's position.

Third wave would be less dangerous

The central government had started vaccination from March this year itself. At that time the Delta variant was knocked out. So the delta variant affected a population that was immune to vaccination. According to a sero-survey, there is only a small part of the population left in the country, which has not been exposed to the delta virus.

The country has a sero-prevalence of 75% to 80% (prior exposure). Vaccination has also taken place to a large extent. This is the reason that the third wave of corona is estimated to be less dangerous.

Experts have issued warnings

On December 17, ICMR DG Dr. Balram Bhargava had warned about Kovid Appropriate Behavior. He had instructed people to avoid crowded places and unnecessary travel. Bhargava had also said that in the districts where the new cases of corona are more than 5%, the administration should start preparations with full strictness from now on.


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