The Netherlands has once again announced a lock-down because this time it is trying to prevent the spread of omicron infection on Christmas and New Year's celebrations.

All essentials Shops, Restaurants, Bar, Cinema, Museum and Theater has been closed from today which will remain closed till 14 January 2022 and schools have also been closed which will open on 9 January 2022.

The government of the Netherlands has announced that only 2 to 4 people will be able to come to the house as a guest on Christmas, if more people come and are found in the house then it will be considered a crime and the person doing it will be punished by the government under disaster management act.

Anticipating the third wave of coronavirus, the Netherlands government has formed this lockdown to prevent the spread of infection and protect people from Omicron virus.

The head of the Dutch outbreak management team, Jaap Van Dissel, has said that the Omicron virus will be considered more dangerous than the delta variant and it is expected to spread badly in the Netherlands by the end of the year.


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