Thailand has opened for inetrational tourists after being closed for almost 20 months due to Novel Coronavirus, International flights from India flying to Thailand from January 1, 2022.

For the convenience of the tourist, Thailand has also launched its new tourism website, which will provide all the facilities and information for the travelers.

An official statement said that this website will make the travel of passengers more convenient and will save them from the troubles faced by them during travelling.

Thailand is a country that is completely dependent on tourism as travelers from all over the world come here, which is the biggest surce of income for thai people but due to coronavirus thailand is closed for 20 months in which its citizens are facing a lot of problems.

Recently India has also opened for Thailand, so that citizens living in India who want to go for tourism in Thailand will also be able to go there from January 1, 2022. Entry to book hotels, travel and packages there Thailand You can book your complete package by visiting the website.

Tourism department of Thailand has estimated that 20 million international tourists will come in 2022 and Thailand is making all the arrangements to handle all these and at the same time they have said that this website will get all the tourism information which will help in traveling and will become easier.


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