Malaysia has announced new COVID-19 guidelines in view of the new Omicron version. The country has decided to go ahead and ban mass gatherings, while also requiring a booster dose against coronavirus for high-risk groups.

Malaysia's Health Minister Janaluddin said in a statement that officials were also working to verify 18 more such suspected cases.

Malaysia has now decided to ban mass gathering and New Year celebrations. On the other hand, people who are attending private New Year and Christmas celebrations should get themselves tested for covid-19.

Also, people above 60 years of age and adults receiving Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine need to receive a booster dose by the month of February, 2022. This will ensure that their immunization status remains fully vaccinated. Singapore has also decided to follow a similar policy. 

In addition, the researchers are urging people to take a third dose of the vaccine because, according to studies, the antibodies resulting from Sinovac, and BioNTech, may shut down the newer version of Omicron.

Foreign travelers from eight countries in southern Africa have now been temporarily banned from entering the country. In addition, nine countries have been marked as high risk such as India, UK, Australia and the United States. Arrivals from these countries need to go into mandatory quarantine, and are also fitted with digital tracking devices.

Malaysia is a major Asian destination for tourism, but the new version of COVID-19 has made it difficult to sustain tourism in the country.


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