In view of the havoc of the omicron virus spreading across the world, Singapore has banned the sale of all new flight tickets and booking of buses from 23 December to 20 January 2022, recently a program named as quarantine free travel  for Fully Vaccinated people in Singapore had run from which people can roam anywhere in Singapore freely.

Singapore Airlines has said in its official statement that from December 22, Singapore Airlines is closing all new bookings for travellers, a guideline has been given by the Singapore Government to cancel all flights with immediate effect.

Singapore Airlines customer says that if you show your vaccination certificate while booking flight ticket, then Singapore Airlines gives you vaccinated travel pass so that you can travel anywhere in Singapore without quarantine, under Singapore Quarantine free travel lane.

Under the vaccinated travel lane program, Singapore used to give vaccinated travel pass to travellers to Singapore so that they could freely travel anywhere on a bus in Singapore.

The omicron virus is responsible for banning vaccinated travelers as it is slowly spreading all over the world and making its home in the world.

The Singapore Health Ministry has said that 87 percent of our people are fully vaccinated, in which 13 percent of the people have not been vaccinated yet, we are also working to complete it as soon as possible.


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