Thailand is likely to restart mandatory quarantine for travellers due to concerns over the spread of a new version of the coronavirus, Omicron. The Ministry of Health reported the first case of local transmission of the coronavirus variant in the country.

Minister Anutin Charanveerakul said the public health ministry would return to hotel quarantine and a 'sandbox' program that allows free movement of people in specific locations and would propose to abolish a quarantine exemption for vaccinated visitors.

The official announced that these moves are motivated by concerns over the spread of Omicron. The minister's statement comes after Thailand reopened to foreign visitors in November after ending nearly 18 months of strict entry policies, leading to a decline in the country's tourism, a key industry and economic driver that affects nearly 40 percent of the world's tourism. Million was responsible for enticing visitors.

The first locally transmitted case was found in a Thai woman who tested positive for Omicron after contracting the virus from her husband, who returned to Thailand from Nigeria in late November and she is possibly the first Omicron case in Thailand to have contracted the virus from a foreign traveler, and the first locally transmitted case.


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