The Omicron virus is preparing to make its mark again around the world, WHO has expressed concern due to the gradual increase of this deadly virus in the world.

So far 7,495 Omicron viruses cases have been detected in India and the maximum number of cases in India is in the state of Mumbai.

Due to Amiclone, recently some states have also banned Christmas and New Year celebrations, in which Delhi, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka.

Due to Amicron Virus, recently some states have also banned Christmas and New Year celebrations, in which Delhi is Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka.

WHO spokesperson has said that the only lockdown is the thing to stop this variant of the corona virus and will spread to less people.

This wave of corona virus is also being considered as the third wave because before this the corona virus has shown its deadly face twice before, in the first wave, the corona virus was stopped to a great extent due to the lockdown, while in the second wave there is a lot of damages corona virus. There was more devastation because at that time the lockdown was not imposed with full restrictions.

The credit for causing havoc in the second wave also goes to some extent to the Indian government because they held their election rallies at a time where people gathered in large numbers and spread the virus.

Those who are going to take care of all these things, have given that by February, they will log down for the children from the havoc of Coronavirus, then whatever is there will fail all over the world.


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