Government of India has announced that if the cases of Omicron virus continues to grow in this way and the infection continues to spread, then soon India will completely ban all international flights.

In the meeting held on Tuesday, it has been reported from the ministry that in view of the ongoing situation, the Government of India may soon ban its flights because India had already suffer a lot in the second wave of corona virus due to which many people lost their lives.

In the second wave of corona virus, there was a huge shortage of resources in India, in which there were oxygen, medicines and medical equipment, due to which there were many deaths in India, keeping all these in view, the Government of India is considering this decision.

In a recent meeting, Union Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia has also said that India will soon issue new guidelines and keep strict restrictions on incoming passengers if the cases of Omicron continues to grow.

Due to the fear of Omicron Virus, passengers coming from all the red list countries in India are suggested to book pre rapid test in which they will have to book the test online before their arrival.

In the recently released red list, India has put 12 European countries in its red list and the passengers coming from these red list will have to undergo a test at the airport and have to stay in quarantine for 7 days.

Concluding the matter, the Aviation Minister has not said that "we will start normalizing everything when the omikars are over with the advice of the Ministry of Health, but no date is sure yet, for us the health of the citizens of our country is paramount."


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