Srinagar airport has imposed punctuality on the entry of passengers at the airport. Now passengers will be allowed to enter the airport only three hours before the departure of their flight. The measure is being taken to contain the rising number of omicron cases in the country.

The decision was taken after it was observed that passengers were gathering at the airport seven to eight hours before the departure time of their flight.

Airport Authority of India, Srinagar Airport Kuldeep Singh said, "Passengers are requested to please come to the airport only up to three hours before flight departure time."

Minister further said that this disease is spreading very fast and infection is more in crowded areas. He also said that all passengers are requested to maintain social distancing at the airport and wear masks at all times.

Srinagar announced no mask no entry rule and also charging a fine of Rs 500 if a passenger removes his mask. If a passenger is not wearing a mask, he/she will not be allowed to enter the airport. 

Passengers have also been advised to maintain social distance and all protocals assigned by the govt the stop the spread of this deadly virus.


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