Omicron, a new variant of the corona virus, has caused a worldwide outcry. In the last week, there has been an increase of 11 percent in corona infection cases in the world. The World Health Organization has warned that the danger posed by the Omicron variant is still too high.

The travel industry is already facing bad days in the form of cancellation of flights and bookings since the lockdown and on the other hand they have huge amount of expenses regarding their staff and maintenance, and since last year when all restrictions were lifted. given then they feel a little easier but now they are still facing many hurdles because of this ongoing omicron

This variant has spread in 108 countries of the world. The spread of the virus in many countries remains a grim situation. Many of these countries have imposed partial lockdown and also imposed travel ban in their country. Many countries have implemented strict sanctions. Omicron has wreaked havoc in some states of India

It is spreading five times faster than the delta variant. After all, which are the countries which have imposed partial ban in their country. What are the measures India has taken to prevent the spread of the Omicron variant ?


Omicron virus has taken a formidable form in Canada. Canada's Ontario and Quebec have imposed very strict lockdowns. Schools and other indoor activities are completely closed. Strict punishment has been provided for violation of rules. There is a fine of $6,000 for breaking the rules.

United Kingdom

The European country Britain is one of the countries most affected by Omicron. The government in Britain is in a dilemma. There is fierce opposition to the lockdown in Britain. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that schools and business activities will not be closed in the country. The countries of the European Union have decided not to close schools and businesses due to the rising corona.


The corona virus has taken a formidable form in America. In America, the federal and state governments are shying away from imposing lockdown. Despite the spread of Omicron, business establishments are open in more than half of the states. However, some states have imposed partial restrictions. Let us tell you that the cases of corona infection are increasing rapidly in America. On Monday, 13.5 lakh new cases were reported in a single day.


Omicron infection is spreading rapidly in China. There has been a strict lockdown in Xian city of China since 22 December. There is a lockdown in three cities of China due to the outbreak of Corona. Due to this, about two crore population of the country has been imprisoned inside homes. Apart from this, 13 million people in Xian and 11 lakh people in Yuzhou will live under lockdown restrictions. Strict restrictions have also been imposed in some other parts of China.

There is also a provision of fines for breaking these rules in China. The first case of the Omicron variant was reported in South Africa after the second wave. This variant spread rapidly in South Africa. Some restrictions have been put in place in the days of the Omicron variant's proliferation.

68 lakh cases in seven days

The World Health Organization said approx 6.8 million new cases of the Omicron variant were reported across Europe in the first week of January, more than doubling in just two weeks. 26 countries in Europe reported that more than one percent of their population is getting infected with corona every week. The organization has warned that it is now time for countries to try to prevent their health systems from collapsing.


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