Dubai is known all over the world for its amazing things and adventures, there are many things in Dubai that are not seen anywhere in the world and there are many adventurers which is only seen in Dubai, so let's talk about some of these adventurous things;

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa building is considered to be the tallest building in the world, it is said that another country is visible from its top floor. This building is 168 floors high. The 76th floor of Burj Khalifa has a swimming pool while the 122nd floor has a restaurant. The construction of this building named Burj Khalifa started in 2004, which lasted for about 6 years and was completed in 2010.

There is a living arrangement for more than 35000 people, it has about 900 apartments and if you want to see this building, then you can see it from a distance of about 100 kilometers, people who told this have told. That it can also be seen from Iran which is a country equal to Dubai.

Jumeirah Beach

Dubai's Jumeirah Beach is also known worldwide for its technology and beauty because on this beach the architects have made palm trees and have built 75 to 80 residential colonies which are among the most expensive apartments in the world. An artificial beach is also available in which you can go and get the feel of the beach.

Desert Safari

If you talk about adventure and the name of Desert Safari in Dubai comes to the fore, in Desert Safari you can enjoy Desert Safari by going in big cars, in which the tasks are climbed over the hills and which will not be seen anywhere in the world.

Sky Diving

Talking about skydiving, skydiving in Dubai has also been best the world, for skydiving, you have to pay 40 to 50 thousand Indian rupees, in which the trained experts will bring you to the air. There are  2 skydiving port available at Dubai, one at Palm Beach and one Desert.

Expo 2020

Expo 2020 Dubai is leaving its mark in which people from all over the world are coming and going there and seeing the cultures of Dubai and all other countries, due to this a large number of tourists are coming to Dubai and enjoying this Expo. This Expo is going on for 6 months which is starting from 1st October 2021 till 31st March 2022 and you can enjoy Dubai by visiting it.

Dhow Cruze

Even if you want to travel in a sea yacht, then Dubai is made for you because the cruze is also available in Dubai, in which you can enjoy the crucifix by paying very little money and enjoy the shameful mines there. To go on, you will have to pay INR 4000 to INR 5000, which will also contain your ticket and complete meals.

Fountain Show, Dubai Mall

If you went to Dubai and did not see the fountain show of Dubai, then what did you see. The fountain show in Dubai is also a big attraction in which people from all over the world watch that fountain show and made fun of it. No charge to visit it is located outside Dubai Mall which you can visit and explore anytime.


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