Indian Govt increased the price of Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) by up to 8.5%. Following the hike announced by the government, Indian Oil Corporation has also announced an increase in the price of its Aviation Turbine Fuel.

New prices in Delhi are now INR 86308.16/kl after increment of INR 6743/kl. The new prices was effective from today 01 February 2022. The increase in prices is due to the rise in international oil prices.

This is the highest price ever touched by the ATF. The rate is higher than INR 71,028.26 per kiloliter when the international crude oil price reached $147 a barrel in August 2008.

ATF has been hiked for the third time in a month, with petrol and diesel prices hitting a record 88th day in a row.

Increased prices of Aviation Turbine Fuel will affect Flight Ticket prices in India and most likely airline companies will affect passengers, as a major part of air ticket prices goes into aviation fuel tax.


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