Saudi Arabia may soon announce that travelers coming from India, Pakistan and many other countries will not be kept in quarantine after a sharp drop in the cases of corona virus around the world.

Saudi Arabia is a country where people come to work from all over the world, since the time the corona virus is spreading, Saudi Arabia had put ban on incoming passengers, so that the workers there would be unable to travel to the Saudi Kingdom.

Previously, Saudi has ended the quarantine on the arrival for traveler who vaccinated in Saudi, but on other hand, the passengers who have got the coronavirus vaccine in their own countries will have to be quarantined for 5 days on arrival.

Quoting sources, it has been reported that Saudi Arabia will soon end the quarantine for all its incoming passengers, so that the passengers who have got the vaccine in their countries will also be able to travel without quarantine, but let us tell you all that after entering Saudi Arabia and before entering they have to give the certificate of negative rt-pcr and also the certificate of vaccination.

While on arrival, a rapid test will have to be done, if it comes negative, then only then will you be allowed to enter Saudi, otherwise you will have to stay in quarantine for 5 days, only after that you will be able to get entry in Saudi.

Saudi Arabia is very famous for oil wells, due to which the income of the people there is very high and they call men from outside for their work or domestic work, in which a large number of people have gone from India and Pakistan.

Saudi Arabia has also reduced the rates of its incoming flights very much in the past, due to which the tickets which were coming earlier for INR 48000 or INR 50000 are now being available comfortably in INR 25000 to INR 30000, which also comes facilitate the travellers to reach their destinations convienently.


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