Indonesia has banned all its incoming international passengers after a steady increase in the cases of corona virus, so that no one will be able to arrive at to Jakarta Airport of Indonesia.

The Transport Minister of Indonesia has confirmed that the main reason for banning the arrival of foreign travelers is to reduce the cases of corona virus, due to which fewer passengers will come and less virus will grow. In Indonesia 36000 infections were found on yesterday.

Recently, Bali welcomed international travelers after two years, in which incoming international visitors were allowed to enter the water without quarantine, a step the country took to increase its tourism.

Also, people coming from abroad can land at Bali Airport, Batam Airport and Tanjan Penang Airport in Indonesia.

Bali has opened its way for all travelers international travelers because the economy of Bali has fallen a lot due to lack of tourism for 2 years. Bali is the tourist attraction of Indonesia where people come from around the globe and walk around and enjoy the weather and views there.


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