As today is the third day of Russia's attacks in Ukraine. About 20 thousand Indians are still trapped in the war zone. Today Air India will send its three flights to Romania and one flight to Hungary, to bring back Indians stranded in Ukraine.

Indian nationals who have reached Ukraine-Romania border by road will be taken by Indian government officials to Bucharest, so that they can be brought home through these two Air India flights.

Ukraine's airspace closed for passenger flights;

On Thursday, Ukrainian authorities closed their country's airspace for the operation of passenger planes, so these flights are being operated from Bucharest and Budapest to bring Indians home.

The team of officers is arriving at the Chop-Zahoni Hungarian border near Uzhorod, Porbne-Siret Romanian border posts near Chernivtsi.

Around 20,000 Indians are currently stranded in Ukraine;

The embassy said that Indian citizens living close to these border check posts, especially students, are advised to leave in an orderly manner in coordination with the teams of the Ministry of External Affairs.

Officials say about 20,000 Indians are currently stranded in Ukraine, mostly students. The embassy has advised Indians to keep their passports, cash (primarily in dollars), other essentials and COVID vaccination certificates with them at border check posts. The embassy has said, "Take out the print (on paper) of the Indian flag and affix them on the vehicles and buses during the journey."

What is the distance between Ukraine and neighboring countries ?

The distance between Ukraine's capital Kiev and Romania's border is about 600 km and it takes eight and a half to 11 hours to cover this distance by road. Bucharest is about 500 kilometers from the Romanian border check post and it takes about seven to nine hours to travel by road.

At the same time, there is a distance of about 820 km between Kiev and the Hungarian border and it takes 12-13 hours to cover it by road.


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