If you are plannig to go to Dubai, then this news is for you, as UAE Govt has ended the requirement of rapid test of all the passengers coming from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka from today.

Due to the havoc of Corona virus, passengers going to Dubai had to get their rapid test done for which they had to pay INR 3000 to INR 4000, after the low down in the cases of Coronavirus, Emirates Airlines has announced that travellers from  India Pakistan Bangladesh and Sri Lanka not required to have rapid test for travelling to Dubai.

Let us tell that to go, they had to pay approx ₹ 4000 at the airport. From today onwards, the Dubai Government has completely eliminated this requiremet, so that now the passengers going will have to undergo only one RT PCR test, they will be able to complete the journey.

Apart from the rapid test, we now tell you in detail the things that travelers going to Dubai need;

1. All incoming passengers will have to take a valid ticket and passport.

2. Apart from that, they will need an RT-PCR report done within 48 hours.

3. If your visa is a tourist visa, then you will have to show the booking of the hotel or show the emirates identity of the person you are going there.

4. All outgoing passengers will have to do Arrival Registration for Dubai and then show the QR-code that will be generated.

5. Passengers going on tourist visa to Dubai will also have to show their return ticket otherwise they will not be allowed to board.


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