The biggest breaking news of the moment is that around 10,000 Indian medical students are stranded in Ukraine, which is at high risk as war can start there any time.

The news is coming from the sources that the Russian govt have sent his army troops to Ukraine, which has been seen in some places from Google Earth, it is being speculated that war can start at any time.

There is a war going on between Russia and Ukraine for the last 7 days, in which a lot of people have lost their lives, many people have suffered financial loss, all the people are almost running away from the country, let us tell you that the students who went to study from India are very are trapped in large numbers there.

Videos are going on social media networks in which students are crying and churning that someone should come here and save us, the Government of India has also called about 1800 to 2000 students by airlift to India, but even after that in a very large number students are stuck there.

Yesterday on 1st March 2022 the news has come that a student of India has been gunned down by the Russian Army, which has caused a lot of outrage in India but the Indian government has not yet liked any of its reactions or comments against it.

The name of the campaign run by the Government of India is 'Operation Ganga' to bring its 20000 citizens who have left India through airlift in any way.

Russian government has not kept any talk of agreement and now Ukraine government is also ready for fight, they are saying that every citizen of our country is now standing in front of you with a gun and ready for war, let's see, what decisions do the Indian government take and how does it protect the citizens of its country...?


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