This news is very big for international and national traveling passengers, let us tell you that the flight ticket fare is going to be reduced by 30 to 35 perccent very soon.

Recently, the Indian government has announced that regular international flights will be opened from March 27, due to which the special flights  the air bubble arrangement going on will be completely closed and now regular flights will run in which 30 to 35 percent going to benefit.

After almost 2 years, regular flights are starting after lowdown in Coronavirus cases, let us tell you that right now on arrival from India, the Government of India had to make air bubble arrangement which was 30% to 35% costlier than regular flight.

Now when regular flights will start from March 27, then the fare will be reduced by 30% or 35%, due to which the tickets which were of ₹ 10000 will be available for ₹ 6500 or ₹ 7000.

Due to the havoc of Coronavirus, there has been a lot of damage and destruction in almost the whole world, due to which there has been a lot of increase in resources. The airlines sector is also a sector that has suffered a lot, just to compensate for its loss, it was a compulsion to sell expensive airline tickets.

Because almost all the countries had allowed flights from 50 or 75 percent capacity according to their hundred percent capacity, but the staff salary and maintenance are very expensive, due to this airline companies had to sell tickets expensive.

India have done air bubble agreement from the last 23 months, a with many countries, under which those who are required and those who are going can book their flights through air bubble arrangement and go.


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