Indian Govt has decided to ease some of the Covid-19 related flight rules. The ministry has decided to do away with the rule of keeping three seats vacant in international flights for medical emergencies.

The government has also decided to resume frisking of passengers by security personnel at airports. In addition, cabin crew members are no longer required to wear PPE kits.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation has decided to relax these flight rules so that air operations can be resumed smoothly in the country. Scheduled international flight operations are set to resume from March 27, 2022.

Aviation ministry said in offcial statement, "Airlines may carry a few additional PPE protective gears, sanitiser and N-95 masks, to handle any respiratory infections related to cases on air, for passengers as well as the crew."

However, it is still mandatory to wear face masks and use sanitizers for hand hygiene. Security personnel conducting pat-down searches are required to wear mask, and use hand sanitizer after each pat-down.


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