After the decrease in the cases of corona virus, Nepal has ended the demand for rt-pcr report from all the fully vaccinated travelers and has taken this step to increase the tourism of their country.

International travelers now not required to have RT-PCR report for entering Nepal without any hindrance and neither need to be quarantine while on arival.

All incoming international travelers only have to show their certificate of vaccination and they will be able to enter Nepal, the rule is implemented in Nepal after the decrease in the cases of corona virus.

After the complete ruin of the tourism sector for almost 24 months, Nepal is now applying new formulas to promote its tourism sector, so that the balance of the economy can be maintained. Nepal has also taken this new segment such as promotional programmes, branding infrastructure marketing and promotion can be a tourism development.

Let us tell you what things have not been done in Nepal so that tourism can be promoted;

  1. Exemption from compulsory PCR test for fully vaccinated passengers.
  2. Domestic flights will offer special discounts to international passengers during this revival period.
  3. Also, hoteliers affiliated with the Hotel Association of Nepal will offer international visitors a discount of at least 20% for their services.
  4. Also, Nepal's Ministry of Tourism has appointed record-breaking Nepalese mountaineer Nirmal Purja as the Goodwill Ambassador for Nepal's tourism.


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