Railways resumed the service of providing cushions, blankets and allowed the use of curtains inside trains with immediate effect and the same can be provided as per the applicability during the pre-COVID period.

Railway has said in an order issued to the General Managers of all Railway Zones that the delivery of these supplies which include pillows, blankets, sheets, and towels in a sealed cover will start immediately to make the journey more comfortable.

Due to coronavirus protocol was issued for the movement of passengers by trains, which banned linen, blankets and curtains inside trains and allowed passengers to bring their own blankets on long journeys.

The railways, which had also suspended most of its concessions on providing food and tickets, has resumed most of the facilities. However, concessions on tickets are suspended for passengers.

Indian Railways had directed that the minimum temperature in train coaches should be kept at 24-25 degree Celsius. Railways had planned to supply blankets to passengers on demand, and kept some bedsheets on hand in case of emergency.


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