China on announced a lockdown in its northeastern city of Changchun, with a population of 9 million, amid rising cases of corona virus. China has taken this step in view of the increasing case of Covid-19 in Changchun city and surrounding area.

Under the lockdown, residents of the city will have to stay at home and undergo three rounds of mass screening. At the same time, shops and businesses with non-essential items have been closed and traffic service has also been stopped.

In China, approx 400 new cases of corona were reported across the country on Friday, out of which 98 cases have come in Jilin province alone. Only two cases were reported within the city of Changchun. However, the authorities have decided to impose a lockdown in areas with one or more cases as part of China's policy of zero tolerance towards the epidemic.

Lockdown Guidelines In China;

  1. All types of non-essential shops and businesses have been ordered to close and traffic service has been stopped.
  2. China has also imposed a lockdown in Yucheng, a city with a population of 5 lakhs in the eastern province of Shandong.
  3. China reported 397 Covid cases on Friday, of which 98 are in the vicinity of Changchun in Jilin province. Corona cases have started increasing in this area since last week and due to this the number of active cases in the entire province has increased to more than 1,100.
  4. Chinese officials have said that they will impose a "zero tolerance" lockdown in any area where more than one case has been detected. Only two cases were reported in Changchun city on Friday.
  5. Jilin city reported 93 more cases. A partial lockdown has been imposed in the city.
  6. China has dismissed several university officials after several cases of infection were reported on the campus of Jilin Agricultural Science and Technology University.
  7. According to Chinese media, 74 cases have been confirmed in the university and more than 6,000 people have been sent to Quarantine.


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