Let us tell you today's biggest news in which Uttar Pradesh has announced that free bus service will be given for all women above 60 years of age.

To provide this facility, Uttar Pradesh Roadways has asked to get women's data to indicate how many women travel in the bus every day.

Let us tell you that the Uttar Pradesh government has started this service in which women of 60 years or more will be given free bus service.

Rajesh Kumar Singh, Principal Secretary, Transport, has said in a meeting on Friday that we are soon making the bus service free for women of 60 years of age and above, in which elderly women will have to pay only ₹ 99 per month for travelling no matter how big route is.

While focusing on his point, he has said that soon women are going to get the facility to travel not only in ordinary but in AC bus. Let us tell you that this category of women can also travel in the buses running in Uttar Pradesh like Volvo, Scania, Janrath, Mahila Special, Pinky Special, Shatabdi.


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