Recently, WHO in one of its statements has told about the fourth wave of Coronavirus, as news is coming from all over the world that some new variants of corona virus have been seen and they are spreading very fast.

Let us tell you that at this time the epidemic of corona virus is spreading very fast in China, due to which at least 30 to 25 cities have imposed lockdown in China and the laws are so strict that if anyone is found violating the rules, then strictest action will be taken against him. and provision of sending to jail under the Corona Epidemic Act.

Israel has recently introduced 2 new variants, in which the merger of Omicron virus has been found, let us tell you that this virus is so fast and is spreading so fast that it is not difficult to stop but it is impossible.

A new variant of the corona virus is reaching the middle of Europe and the number of cases there is doubling every day, the country involved is Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine.

Let us tell you that the World Health Organization has issued an information urging all countries to restricts the travel rules against corona virus and let us tell you that since January till now the number of corona virus cases is 11 million and the death toll is 43000.

WHO official Maria Van Kerkhoe has also been told that countries around the world are easing the rules of travel, which can make the coming times worse, so all countries should tighten the rules so that the corona virus epidemic can be prevented from spreading.


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