As there has been a continuous lockdown for some months for the last 2 years, WHO has said in its statement that there may be a need to impose lockdown in India from May to August 2022.

Let us tell you that this time assumption of third wave of novel coronavirus, which is very deadly and there is a XE variant found in the US, the lethal potential of this variant is very high and it is spreading very fast.

WHO had also warned India in the second wave and told that omicron can spread very fast as you will remember last year the corona virus spread very fast in India and due to lack of resources like medicines and oxygens.

In 2021, due to the corona virus, there was a lot of epidemic in India in which many people lost their loved once and only because of lack of resources at that time.

During a survey, it has been told that India may have to impose a very strict lockdown because India is a big country and there is often a shortage of resources, due to which the chances of spreading the epidemic are very high.

Regular international flights have been opened in India from March 27, 2022, in which passengers will be able to go and come in all countries, but the United States has banned some countries and let us tell you that Corona is at its peak in China at this time there is a lot of speed. is spreading and many people are losing their lives.

Along with WHO, AIIMS director Guleria has also said that India may need to impose lockdown if needed because India is a country with a huge population.

Corona virus infection can be prevented very easily by imposing a lockdown because if people stay at their homes, then the chances of spreading the infection will be very less, as you must have seen in March 2020 when people were fully donated in India. The infection was spread negligibly, but after that in 2021, when the infection spread and the lockdown was not fully implemented, the epidemic spread very much.


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