Here is the news for the seekers who are planning to come to India for tourism purpose or for medical treatment in the coming days.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently announced the launch of a special category of AYUSH visas for tourists, those who want to come to India for medical treatment or tourism.

The initiative is a part of the government's Heal in India campaign to promote medical tourism in India. In such a situation, the government will soon launch a special AYUSH mark to give authenticity to the locally made AYUSH products.

India is a very attractive destination for medical tourism, which has also seen an increase in tourism to Kerala due to its medical industry. This model can also be replicated across the country, where Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha forms of traditional medicine and health centers can become very popular.

The Government of India has decided to set up a special visa category to ease the visa process for foreign travelers and medical tourists seeking medical treatment in India.

PM Modi also announced that a special AYUSH mark would be created to mark the highest quality AYUSH products on the lines of BSI and ISI markings. He elaborated that this would provide a recognized and high quality assured AYUSH products to the global consumers. He also announced the setting up of an AYUSH park in which the products will be manufactured.


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