As in the wake of reduced coronavirus cases many countries have announced latest travel guidelines for international travellers, in this regards Bangladesh also announced the latest and updated travel gudelines for all incoming and outgoing travellers from April 20, 2022.

Bangladesh's Updated Guidelines For International Travellers

1. Flight Movement

Following the government guidance and instruction, with effect from 25 April 2022 until further notice, international passenger flights to/from Bangladesh shall continue as per CAAB approved time slots/schedule.

2. Entry/Exit of passengers of all types of international flights

2.1 Vaccinated with Covid-19 vaccine:

Travelers completed a full dose (single/double dose as applicable for a full dose) of WHO approved Covid-19 vaccine can enter Bangladesh with the official proof of certification of vaccination and no RT PCR-based COVID-19 negative certificate is required.

2.2 Not vaccinated with Covid-19 vaccine:

(A) Travelers without having a full dose (single/double dose as applicable for a full dose) of the Covid-19 vaccine can enter Bangladesh if they possess RT PCR based COVID-19 negative certificate done within 72 hours of departure time.

(B) No RT PCR negative certificate is required for incoming passengers below 12 years old. However, when travelling with their family, they will have to observe the same health formalities that will apply to their family members on arrival.

2.3 If COVID-19 symptoms are identified on arrival: 
Irrespective of vaccinated or not vaccinated, if any COVID-19 symptoms are detected in a traveler on arrival, he/she will subject to the RT PCR/Antigen test by the health authority. If the RT PCR/ Antigen test result is positive, he/she will be sent to isolation at government-nominated facility or Hotel at his/her own expenses. Further RT PCR/Antigen test will be carried out after 7 (seven) days and he/she will be released when the test result is negative. Quarantine shall be ensured by the respective government agency(s) in charge.

2.4 Outgoing passengers: 
Outgoing passengers shall follow the latest restrictions/ requirements imposed by the transit/destination country(s) or by the Airlines. Airlines concerned shall arrange to keep their passengers well informed about the Airline’s requirements and the requirements or formalities of origin/transit/destination country(s) well before their travel.

3. Filling up of online Health Declaration Form (HDF): 

Incoming passengers to Bangladesh shall observe the following procedures as required by the Director General of Health Services:

A. Following the link , an online Health Declaration Form (HDF) shall be filled up by each passenger within 3 (Three) days of their departure for Bangladesh. The filled-up form, which has QR code, can be downloaded and printed.
B. Transit passengers leaving the transit Airport, shall carry a new HDF filled-up before next check- in at the transit Airport.
C. Airlines shall ensure before boarding that the passenger possesses the HDF with QR Code.
D. Passengers will show the filled-up HDF with QR Code (Soft/Printed copy) at the immigration on arrival.
E. Passengers having Covid-19 symptoms shall contact the health desk before proceeding to the Immigration.

4. Capacity restrictions to the carriage of passengers for all types of incoming/outgoing flights: 

  1. Narrow-Body (single-aisle) aircraft:  At least the last row (Port or Starboard) of the economy class cabin shall be kept vacant for any suspected COVID-19 positive passenger(s).
  2. Wide-Body (double aisle) aircraft: At least the last row of the economy class cabin and one seat of business class cabin (unless otherwise instructed) shall be kept vacant for any suspected COVID-19 positive passenger (s).


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